Vet’s update & new arrivals

Yoogi and Sita did very well at the vet’s, surgeries went well although Yoogi also had a lump to remove – on top of his neuter!  Yoogi also had fleas when he arrived, gave him a multi-advantage but they saw a flea at the vet’s so they gave him capstar.  Sometimes happens, multi-advantage will kill all fleas but may take up to 4 days so we had to de-flea the whole house again!  If anyone has spare (advantage, multi-advantage or revolution), we always need it all year round so please donate any if you can!

I picked up a mother and new born puppies, 5 little cows or so that is what they look like, all while with black spots, they are tiny but we’ve given them a room where mom can care for them safely and she can also start trusting humans.  She was growly with a few of our volunteers this saturday so I have asked everyone not to go into the nursery and leave her be.  She is slowly coming around with me, although still not coming to me, she doesn’t coward when I go pet her – it’s a start!  She is skinny but eating and drinking plenty so will gain slowly!  Would love to give her a bath but she settled with a hand toweled bath this weekend, it’s a good start!

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