Vet’s last night

I brought Malini’s 5 puppies for their first DA2PP and vet check, of course they pooped in the car on the way there so were quite stinky for our vet visit – jeez, can’t keep them clean for 1 hour Ha! Ha! Ha!  Vet said they are all healthy and strong, ready for their loving homes now!  They are eating and drinking very well, we’ve had them since October 21st – so 5 weeks at NARC and they were approximately 2 weeks when we got them so ready for adoption – YIPEE for the puppies!!!

Lucifer also came for his 3rd DA2PP and Rabies, he remains at the vet’s for his neuter today, will pick him up tonight after his surgery poor baby!

Aphrodite, yep this is our new mom of 5 new born’s name.  She is doing quite well, she is now looking at everyone that comes to say hello compared to trying to squeeze under something or hide her head in the corner.  She now also comes for her food when we put it down, will stand while we are in the room and walk towards us to come and eat.  Baby steps but she is now trusting me and our morning employee which is great – soon she will trust other people and be a normal doggy!  She does have over a month with us, her puppies are only a week or so old so she has plenty of time to come out of her shell!  Such a sweet girl and you can see from her body language that she is quite happy – even though she hasn’t wagged her tail yet – she has lots of room to walk around, take time off from her puppies if wanted, great spot for our new girl – Aprodite!

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