Vet’s tonight and update

I brought Yeti the Irish Wolfhound, Oscar the JRT mixed spaniel and Malini the Australian Shepherd and wonderful mother of 5 puppies that have already gone to good homes to the vet’s for their surgeries.  Tomorrow morning, the boys will be neutered and lady Malini spayed, all will be given Rabies and DA2PP shots.  We requested a poop sample on Malini again as she was in really bad shape when she arrived, full of worms, fleas, etc…  As others at NARC, she is now on our deworming schedule:  Strongid-T every 14 days, Panacur 3 days monthly and Multi-Advantage each month.  But, she still has soft poop – may only be us volunteers giving her too many different things to eat (treats, canned goods, etc…) but;  better safe than sorry and the poop sample will tell us if there is something wrong.

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