Vet’s tonight

So Brodie is our new Irish Wolfhound’s name, our client e-mailed with it so we are going to call him by his new name this week to get him used to it.  He did well at the vet’s, a bit of a skin rash so he is on antibiotics but otherwise fine.

Oscar did very well also, nothing to report on him from our vet’s.

Malini on the other hand, I was a bit shocked when I found out she was pregnant again, with 8 puppies in her belly but by the time they found out she was already opened so an abortion was done.  Can you believe this, she got pregnant within the first few weeks of delivering her puppies, when I picked her up from the pound she was feeding her 2-3 week old pups and pregnant with 8 more!  WOW, poor girl, no wonder it took a while for her to gain weight, was wondering why she was eating and drinking like a horse now I know why!  I guess this means I will have to get an x-ray done for Aphrodite in case this is happening with her too!  Unbelievable, just when I thought I saw it all…

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