Vet’s tonight

I went to pick up Willy from his neuter and shots, did a poop sample and he had hookworm so is now on medication for that.  Basilissa went for her hernia repair, spay and dental cleaning with shots, she is so sweet and sat on the passenger seat all the way home and didn’t say a word.  Raphael also went for his neuter, dental cleaning and shots, he is doing very well and will certainly find a home very soon, he is a toy breed!  Naya also went for her spay, one of Nyleina’s pups – too adorable!

Now for Rex, we went for his multiple x-rays tonight and seems it definitely is Patella surgery needed for both hind legs.  The left leg being worst so we are trying to raise funds to have his surgery done next week.  I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to those that have already donated towards Rex’s x-rays, it helped tonigh as we also wanted to x-ray his hips to see if they were normal.  Luckily for him – it was thumbs up for his hips – thank god!  But, really would appreciate help so that we can get him done next week or the following week so he can start his recovery in my home and physical therapy!  Please find it in your hearts to help him and others who are still awaiting their spay/neuter, dental cleanings, shots, etc…  Thank you again for your support towards our beautiful and gorgeous doggies – we love them and see that so do all of you!  BIG kisses and hugs from all of our babes at NARC!

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