Vet’s this week!

Even Dr. Mobarak made a face last night when I showed him the horrible teeth the two female puggles (Demetria and Agatha) and Michael the beagle had.  Although, he did say they looked quite young, considering!  It is almost impossible to tell age with these guys, the younger ones will be easy as they weren’t in the mill long so their teeth aren’t totally rotten but anyone above 2-3 years of age will be harder due to bad teeth!  I’ve already talked to Dr. Cameron, he is the one doing surgeries today and they have undergone multiple extractions each already!  Poor babies, will be on antibiotics for at least a week, possibly 10 days – will know more tonight when I pick them up and bring them back home to NARC!  Cassiel is also there today, the brown Miniature Pincher, he also will have a dental cleaning although his teeth looked 100% better than the others!

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