Vet’s this week – quite busy!

Monday we brought Biggie to the vet’s as the flies went at it with his ear, one had a little mark but the other had a bigger spot picked at, he is fine although was given a skin antibiotic and of course am keeping up with the polysporin to help out. He is better today and it is healing slowly! Thursday, we dropped off Maggie for her tail to be docked, she had quite a big mass on her tail which may have been cancerous so it was decided to dock the tail. She is recovering now and back tomorrow at the vet’s to remove her bandages and re-bandage! And, Friday was a busy day, we brought all the puppies for their first DA2PP’s shots and check-ups, 4 pups were able to get rabies as they are of proper age. So, 12 puppies loaded at home, un-loaded and loaded again at the vet’s, then un-loaded at home… Vet checked, and shots – quite the day at the vet’s and yes, it took most of the day, two trips of course, first trip with the 8 new puppies and second trip with the 4 Akita’s and Koby! Koby had eye surgery over a month ago and lately one eye has been bothering him so we brought him for another follow-up. The vet didn’t seem to find anything with they dye test but thought maybe it is the upper lid bugging him. So, we have to go ahead with another surgery on Koby this week! Tomorrow, Maggie is due back at the vet’s for her bandage change and we are bringing Piper, Minnalousche and Ezmyra for check-ups, can’t wait to see how many pounds Ezmyra and Minnalousche gained – they were so skinny when they arrived but now looking better.

Funds are always needed for sugeries, shots, vetting. If you can help, please either send your donations to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9 or you may bring money directly to our veterinarian, Blackburn Animal Hospital, 110 Bearbrook, Unit 5. Thank you so much for your support!

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