Vet’s on Saturday

Brought Maggie for her follow-up exam after surgery and re-bandaging. Took pictures of her tail, will post them shortly! Also had Ezmyra, Piper, Minnalousche with me. Minnalousche has gained 3.08 pounds but we found out why she wasn’t gaining much more, we had another poop sample done that showed hookworms so we bought some medications for her for that. Ezmyra has gaines almost 5 pounds so she is doing well and gaining properly.

Would be nice if we could have a weighing machine for dogs at NARC, would save us some trouble of always having to load up doggies and bringing them to the vet’s for their weight. We always need to see if they are gaining properly, especially those that come in emmaciated (skinny) and of course puppies are important to weight regularly for our dewormers. Let’s try to raise funds for this equipment, will find out how much one will be and post the amount we need soon!

Funds are always needed for sugeries, shots, vetting, medications, etc…. If you can help, please either send your donations to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9 or you may bring money directly to our veterinarian, Blackburn Animal Hospital, 110 Bearbrook, Unit 5. Thank you so much for your support!

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