Vet’s this week

Had to bring Takeshy back to the vet’s last night and they kept him overnight, called this morning to say they need to re-stitch his toe. Somehow when we took the bandages out, the stitching came with it!! I dropped off Maité our little Shih-Tzu that was found in Orleans a few weeks back to remove her hernia including her spay, rabies and DA2PP and also Pongo our little mixed oreo cookie for his neuter, rabies and DA2PP. I am picking them all up tonight and they will be recovering at NARC for the next week or possibly longer for Takeshy! Poor boy, he is such a sweet lad and although cried like a baby when he got a big needle last night, he was still very sweet and a suck! Great dog as most would have tried to bite our hands off!!

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