Vet update

Lots going on at the vet’s this week, our little Shih-Tzu was going in for a hernia repair and her spay… It ended up being more than that, she had pyometra which is quite dangerous in dogs so it was removed during her spay. Quite a costly little girl! She was quite happy to see me but very quiet compared to her usual self. Pongo had his neuter done, he was the only one that was awake and happy to run to the car. And our poor Takeshy had to have a bit more of his toe removed and re-stitched! He was still out of it when I arrived at the vet’s, his heart rate too low so we waited around until he came back to and finally went for a walk/pee before going home. He was so pitiful last night walking slowly and not wanting to do stairs, have to pick him up to get him in the SUV and now pick him up to get up the stairs! Then we have our little Victoria, our scabies dog who went for her Ivermectin shot, she is doing much better and although looks like a hairless dog/rat, she ends up pulling your heart strings and you can only find her cute in her ugliness Ha! Ha! Now to spoil my little Takeshy until he finds his forever home – I really love this dog!

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