Vet’s this week

Last night I went to the vet’s with the 4 beagle puppies, yup, 4 gorgeous beagle pups, mother and father both 14 inches so on the smaller side of the beagle breed.  They received their 1st DA2PP, check-up and dewormer.  Although are ready this weekend for adoption being they will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday (born Sept 9th), most are already spoken for from peopel seeing them last weekend when they came in!

Also dropped off Saber, Korona and Chad for their spay/neuter, am picking them up very shortly for their recovery here at NARC.  Korona and Saber already had their shots from their last visit at the vet’s and Chad is getting his Rabies and DA2PP today.  They will be ready the following weekend for adoption, giving them a good recovery time here at NARC.

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