The Weekend

On Friday I went to the vet’s with the last 4 Korona Puppies and they received their second DA2PP and Rabies shots.  Vet was very happy to see how healthy they were and how the scabies were completely gone. 

This weekend, went into a “finish the project” mode and finished painting parts that weren’t done in the Main Entrance.  Started re-organizing both sheds, main entrance and Gazebo at NARC.  I removed the siding in the extention (Gazebo) this weekend, slowly getting it ready to build shelving!  Lots was done but still tons to be finished.

We are looking for an electrician, if you know anyone who would like to do a little bit of work for NARC, few lights, plugs – please have them call us!  Not a big job but few hours work for sure!

Here are some pictures of one cleaned shed and Main Entrance at NARC.




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