Vet’s this week

Brought Pinnochio at the vet’s for his neuter, he was cryptorchid (meaning one of his balls was in his groin area) so basically two surgeries, poor boy.  Otherwise, he had his Rabies, DA2PP and as per his new mommy’s request Bordetella and Microchipped.  Yes, he is already gone to his new home, a foster fell in love and is now called foster failure as we always say lol  Not really as she gave Pinnochio a very good home so we are all happy about that!

Malini arrived this week, she is an Australian Shepherd with 5 puppies, barely 2 weeks old and eyes still closed but she is an amazing mom and great dog.  We gave her a room to herself so that she is not disturbed while nursing and she is doing very well.  Her puppies will go fast in 6 weeks time once they are ready, I can tell right away, they are so cute and if they have half of mom’s personality – they won’t stay long!

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