Vet’s this week

Hook, our new chocolate lab we picked up from the pound on Sunday, has gone to the vet’s for his neuter on Tuesday, rabies, DA2PP shot and check-up.  He stunk so much when we got him that we immediately gave him a good bath, he was stinking up the place YIKES!  He is quite the handsome fellow and will certainly go quickly, he was also extremely good with our young volunteer in his bath.  He gets excited when he sees other dogs so still pulls on walks as he wants to say hello to them but we are working with him on that.  Otherwise, while coming out of the vet’s and other walks without dogs around, he is perfect, by your side and follows – just gets a bit excited when seeing other doggy companions.

Tonight, we picked up a terrier mixed schnauzer? from the pound, he is very sweet, gave him a good bath and nail trim when we arrived at NARC.  He will be neutered shortly and posted for adoption once done.  We’ve named him Pinnochio – yep, going with disney names for a little while – tons to choose from there!

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