Vet’s last night

I dropped off Chewy and Macousse for their neuter and spay last night, Macousse will also get her Rabies and DA2PP.  She will be 7 months old on April 20th, a black labrador who is now available for adoption.  She is very sweet, good dog who knows her basic commands, good with other dogs and perfect with everyone she has met, house trained, etc….  Baby Bear came with me for his shots and check up, vet gave us thumbs up, he is approx 4 months old and Newfoundland mixed.  With those paws he will surely be a big boy!  He now has his first DA2PP and Rabies, although we feel he needs a few extra pounds, we are working on it.  He is already 15kg!  He was so good at the vet’s, he was lying down on the table while I was patting his ear and belly and he just stayed put while we checked his temperature, vet did his thing and gave him both shots.  He never moved or complained, such a well behaved baby!  He is also getting better at walking on the leash, doesn’t go around me as much as he did before and stays by my right side – learning quickly!

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