Vet’s in a rush

I came home on Friday to find that Sita’s leg was swollen so much it was double it’s size and she was not feeling so well, this is a Doberman mixed Rottie we just picked up from the pound. I rushed her at the vet’s right away. Vet said it was an infection of some kind, she stayed overnight on IV and medications. She also came in with a few wounds on her nose! Needless to say, she wasn’t eating but the IV changed all that, I picked her up saturday afternoon from the vet’s and she is energetic, ate a big meal when we got home and then settled for the night! We tested for Parvo and Giardia/Coccidia in case as she had bloody stools but all came negative so not sure what all that is about yet – more tests to come! For now, she is on antibiotics and metrodonizale which stops the flu.

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