New arrivals

We got a little female Yorkie, 1.5 years old that came in this weekend and 2 chinchillas, not sure their ages though but they are looking for their forever home! If you are interested in our chins, we do accept Canadian Tire Money or gift cards for our critters, they are only $20 each, if both are bought together, they will come with the cage they are in now and their food.

Sita’s leg looks so much better, the swelling has completely gone down and her foot now looks almost normal. She is obviously a changed girl from the quiet sick doggy to a “run all over the place and jump on people to say hello kid” – will need to start training now that she is feeling much better! If she is by your side, she is a happy dog, was a bit nervous with certain men – including our vet but trusts me so will come say hello when I am besides her. She is sweet so will make a very good dog after a little bit of training!

It rained so hard this week and winds were so strong that it moved the car port which we are using as a shaded area for clients to sit in! So, we worked on getting that resolved this weekend, placing 2ft pins at each corner in hopes that this time it won’t move!!! Great weekend again although it was quite cold on Saturday but Sunday – all the doggies spent the day outside with us, it was quite nice in the afternoon!

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