Vet’s again last night

I dropped off Alice and Tila for the dental cleaning at the vet’s last night, will pick them up after work today. Lilac is getting better and better every day, I am so happy with the progress after such a long time of him being sick. Nooky is really doing well also, eating and drinking well, tail wagging when I come and see him and has quite the appetite! His brother Cyan is still a bit worrysome, still skinny and although he is home from the vet’s, I really wish he would eat more or anything for that matter. He is drinking a lot but not eating still so will talk with the vet tonight to see what I can do to help. Started with puppy milk which he is drinking so giving him something although I really would like to see him like his brother, eating and gaining daily! King is recovering well from his neuter so he will be posted for adoption although we are closed till Jan 5th, people can still see him up and ready!

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