Update at the farm!

Wishing everyone a very merry christmas, we will blog soon to keep you posted even if we are closed – business as usual at the vet’s on Thurs & Fri! Thank you to everyone supporting or those that have supported NARC this year, without your donations, we wouldn’t be in such good hands such as we are now – you are AMAZING! Thanks to your canadian tire money, home depot gift cards, canned goods, cleaning products, rubber gloves, paper towel, tiles, money – we have a new roof, new tiled rooms, new bathing area and the list goes on with major surgeries done this year, etc… All the renovations and surgeries wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for all of your help – we can’t thank you enough! Enjoy your holidays and we’ll see or talk/blog with/for you soon.

Cyan is finally eating a bit, not as much as I would like him too but started eating canned goods on Friday so I am pleased. He is drinking a lot so I am adding vitamins to his water and also giving him puppy milk for strenght. He is lively though, wants attention and started to play a bit. Still not letting anyone deal with Cyan as he is shedding parvo for 4 weeks so we need to keep him secluded not to spread the disease!

Lilac is still living with me in my home, he was loose with us all weekend, he follows us everywhere and a few times fell asleep at my feet while I was baking cookies, pulled pork and such for our family diner on Sunday. He is playfull and will grab the bottom of our pants biting – such a cutie! He is doing so well, we are going for his second DA2PP this week, probably Thursday while I drop off Baldwin for his neuter and shots. His spots on his head are healing but very slowly. I am proud to say that he is 100% better!

Nooky is also doing well so am now letting him roam the house and he follows me everywhere, is playfull and funny! He is a bit shy with new volunteers, hides at the end of his crate when he sees new people but that will change now that the volunteers have the OK to manipulate him. He is so precious and so sweet, when he is ready for adoption, I know he will be placed quickly!

We are also babysitting a few client’s NARC doggies, which is nice seeing them again and gives their families a safe spot for their loved ones while they have to go out of town! Few are here now, few arriving today and few leaving boxing day!

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