Vet last night

I went to pick up Taffy and Lucky at the vet’s last night, all went well for their spay/neuter, nothing else was found so they will be ready for adoption this weekend. They were really tired and Lucky absolutely wanted me to carry him to the car, Taffy also was walking very slowly. We went for a short walk when we got home, Taffy did her business right away and I let her loose at home for a bit to eat and drink. She was following me everywhere in slow motion poor little girl. Lucky just wanted to sleep so he went back to his crate for that. It was nice coming home to the rescue and see that volunteers had painted the hallway during the day! Thanks guys – that’s great and brightens up the place! We only have the grooming area and hallway left to tile, then we are done with floors and almost finished painting too! Spring is coming so we will finish the soffits and insulation to the roof and look into other items I would love to see at NARC. I am shopping for inside permanent kennel material that we can attach to walls as I really dislike crates and find them way too awkward, small and not very solid. I am hoping to get some material in the next few weeks to start this new project for the summer! Always looking to making NARC better but “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. With time, donations such as our new beautiful dog houses, this place will look amazing this spring/summer! We started off with a gutted mobile home that now has walls, water, septic, hydro… slowly finishing the ceramic floors – we’ve done pretty well in the last 4 years considering we only had the shell to begin with! All thanks to people such as yourselves, reading this blog and donating your time, items or funds… Thanks again to everyone who supports NARC – not only do we really appreciate it but because of you we save lives every week!

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