Vet’s & new arrivals

I brought Blue back to the vet’s last night for his final DA2PP shot and Rabies, he got a clean bill of health so his new mommy can pick him up on Tuesday as arranged. I left Lucky and Taffy at the vet’s for their Spay/Neuter, check-up, shots, etc… Will get them tonight and update you on how they are doing.

We also received a Jack Russel Terrier from another rescue, he is so cute and playfull, loves his squeeky toys and yes, already know all of this within one evening of playing with him. He is a big talker, not meaning he barks in the house at all but when playing with the sweeky ball, and me trying to get it from him, he playfully growls yet comes to you for more! Only after one night, I can say that he will go quickly, he is very cute, sweet, loves to cuddle and play! He fit right in with us as if we’ve known him forever! Last night I also met up with a pound and picked up a golden lab, very sweet girl but very stinky so had to have my car windows down for fresh air. Although she was shy with me at first, nothing that a few good treats didn’t fix and after a bit, she was following me everywhere at NARC. It seems it was scary for her to walk into a room with other dogs, she slowly trusted me and came by my side, cuddling and wondering what was going on. This morning, both were very happy to see me, gave them and everyone else, treats and water, cleaned a few crates and off to work I went with all tails wagging cheering my day on! Some are so lucky, will be spending most of their days at NARC while I sit at my desk and work, without kisses, without love, just a computer and keyboard – BORING! Hopefully one day, it will be me staying home with the doggies all day!

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