Update at vet’s

We picked up our three at the vet’s but also brought in quite a few for check-ups and follow ups such as Sheenah who stupidly banged her tail somewhere and had a bloody tail tip.  Now we know why usually they have the Dane’s tails cropped, they are so long and hard and once wagging like crazy, end up smacking something.  Nothing serious, we’ll put some cream on it, we’ve cleaned the tiny wound and she’s all set.

Bagle went for his last check-up and rabies shot and a bunch of others for check-ups, all in all over 20 dogs went to one of our vet’s for check-ups or follow-ups last night and today!  So, if I haven’t returned your e-mail or phone call – here is the reason!!!

Taz’s neuter went well, other than that he is quite healthy so will be posted for available this weekend.  Spooky is just too adorable, his cryptorchid neuter went also well and he had dental cleaning and extractions done which will help him.  He has a bit of the sniffles but that is to be expected once we play in their mouths!

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