Nice long weekend

We started the weekend with having our sign installed on Saturday morning, a huge thank you to Dave from DJ Signs for the donated sign, stand, installation, hard work on a very hot morning!

The doggies were quite spoiled, spending most of the weekend outside either basking in the sun, lying in the shade, taking baths outside in the kiddy pool and walking with volunteers.  We had people here from 7:30am so they were able to enjoy the cool mornings and evenings with us!

We need more paper journal, rubber gloves, mops and more mops, few more pales would also help now that we are adding volunteers to our NARC family!  We are also almost out of canned food, dog or puppy!

Also, if you have or know of anyone getting rid of dog runs, we could always use a few more dog runs or fencing so we can build more dog runs, chains are also needed for when we tie out our doggies for a while to play outside.

We are still looking for a bigger building, metal would probably be easiest so if you know of any company donating such items or someone getting rid of one!

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