Update at home – Auction starts today!

Tiffany had a rough weekend, recovering from her hernia removal and spay!  She is such a snuggle bug, always hiding her head under my arm squeezing into me as much as she can!  She is healing well, is still on pain medications and antibiotics but was feeling much better yesterday!  Bijoux had 2 teeth removed, vet said she was approx 3 years old, her spay now done and ready for her loving home – oh wait – think we found her one this weekend!  She is to be picked up tonight at 6:30pm, lucky girl, we knew she wouldn’t last long after her spay, she is such a sweet dog!  We worked hard, burning branches that fell this winter and cleaning up the property.  Have quite a few trees that fell down, will have to cut them and will make good burning wood for NARC’s wood stove!  Our on-line auction is starting today on facebook, go bid on items – we’ve added a few wonderful gifts!

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