Poor Tiffany – News from our tests

Tiffany originally came in with bloody poop and pee, we have rectified her bloody poop but her pee was good for a while during antibiotics then it came back again.  We thought kidney stones which can be operated on and fixed but… unfortunately for her this was not the case.  She was shot, probably from a shotgun and her x-rays showed shards inside her, all over her body.  Luckily for her none hit major organs but now we know why she can’t lift her tail when she does her business…  shards hit the nerve ending so she can’t lift that tail properly as a regular doggy would do when pooping!  She is undergoing her spay tomorrow and medictions for constipation.  Just when I thought I’d seen it all, something like this makes our vet and I go HUH!?  I can’t believe someone would do that!  Although this is not our first rescue that has been shot, I really don’t get why people just don’t catch the dog and bring it to the closest rescue, SPCA, Humane Society or Pound!?  Call your city even, they usually will come and gather up the dog for free – easy to pick up the phone and dial!  Unfortunately there is not much more we can do for Tiffany, the shards are too small and we can’t certainly open her up everywhere to get them out so she will have to live her life with these peices of bullets in her.  She is active and it seems like they aren’t affecting her other than having bloody pee at times, yet it amazes me how she survived it all.

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