Update at NARC

Went to pick up Charlotte from her spay on Tuesday, she is recovering very well. Also received a female black lab puppy we named Lyla who had her shots and check-up last night so is now ready for adoption this weekend. Sherlock our golden lab puppy is doing well, he is still shy with people but coming around… He is such a sweet little guy, his adult canines are coming out so if he is older than 3 months then he will remain on the small side. Vet books say when adult canines are completely out dogs are around 6-9 months of age!? His are just starting to come out so he may be around 5 months! Come meet them this weekend, both puppies will surely not stay with us very long! Also have a mixed white dog, long hound body and ears, super sweet and friendly and a Black Shepperd female. We have to give them names then bring them to the vet’s for spay/neuter, shots and check-up.

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