Dog Food Needed

Yep, again our poopers ate pretty much everything we had Ha! Ha! We are in need of Pedigree Vitality + either puppy or adult dog food, IAMS puppy or dog food, Beneful (any Beneful is fine) which we use for the small breed dogs. We do accept other brands which we mix into the blend! If you have bags your doggy doesn’t like, we will take them! You may drop off any donations at the rescue, we are opened this weekend, saturday and sunday from 1pm to 3pm, or leave it in the donations drop box at the front of the property. We will be closing on certain weekends in August for events so please have a look at this blog to find out which days we are closed! Thank you again to everyone who has been supporting us, soome for many years, not only are your donations needed but they help us drastically in being able to care for our dogs taken off death row! Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to fatten up the skinny doggies that come into our care… A HUGE thank you hug from all of our poopers at the farm!

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