I was at home but for some reason it was too hard to knock at my door… Two small bishon’s were left tied to the tractor outside, in this weather, raining like crazy, thundering, no shelter, etc… Why, why, why!? I understand if you no longer wish to care for your dog but at least come and get one of us to bring the doggies in. Luckily for the pooches, I heard the car drive in and then leave… I didn’t make anything of it until I heard a bark which made me go out to see what was going on – obviously all our doggies are inside so my senses were wondering how come I was hearing a bark outside my front door!?… just to find these two little guys, very happy to see me… They are fortunately safe inside with the others in hopes that someone, even if it is anonymously, writes to us and let’s us know a little about them, age, etc… would be nice!

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