Lois and Superman

Yep, we’ve named the two little bishon’s that were tied to my tractor Lois and Superman. They are adorable but were quite matted and their nails were over an inch long so I’ve groomed them and took care of the excessively long nails right away! They are not afraid of humans but also not responding to words per say but we are working with them and they are house clean and sweet so it won’t take time that they will come when called and such… Once the hold is over, we will get them the much needed dental cleaning next week and post them for adoption afterwards. So far, no one has come forward to let us know where they came from!! So we won’t have any background information other than what we do at NARC for them!

If ever you wish to foster for NARC, it would be nice if a few of our long term rescues, most medium and larger sized doggies could go into a loving home while they are patiently awaiting their forever homes. Let us know if you wish to take one of our kids home with you, they are trained, lovable and listen very well to commands, spayed/neutered, updated on shots, dewormed, multi-advantage, vetted, etc… We are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm so feel free to come and visit the farm and our doggies!

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