Tons done, more to do!

If anyone has a recent looking, large window do donate, opening from the top if possible please let us know and we will come and pick it up.  Ripped out the bay window in the modular home this weekend as it was falling apart and rotten, have 2 windows to replace but they don’t open so if we can find a third window, one that opens to let air in for our doggies on nice windy summer days!  That would be great.  I am re-framing this weekend and finishing it off, hoping to get an opening window by then!

Last night, we picked up the 5 place cage system I bought at PetCetera, cleared out the metal crates and replaced them with this unit.  It certainly looks great, did take a picture late last night, will post it soon! 

We have many metal and plastic crates for sale, come see us weekends between 1pm and 3pm if you wish to buy one and raise funds for NARC.

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