Finally caught!

The first cage we had was too big for the little shih-tzu so she always got out, someone else lent us a smaller skunk size trap which we installed last night and VOILA!  We caught our little shih-tzu after 6 weeks of living wild in Navan.  She is now safe at NARC, although was scared is already bonding with volunteers.  Now for a good bath and taking those burs off her body!  Yes, she is a female and cute as a button, so happy she is alive and well, she surely has caused a lot of drama the last 6 weeks, we had been getting calls, people thinking we let her loose and roaming – she wasn`t ours but now definitely is!  Thanks everyone for your support in trying to get this little one, many of you have walked miles with me to try to catch her, etc… couldn`t have done this without everyone`s support!

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