Spotted – on Smith Road

A neighbour on Smith Road called to say they spotted the little Shih-Tzu on Smith Road so I left in search for it!  Last seen on the bike trail between Milton Road and 10th Line.  I parked on Milton Road and walked the whole trail to 10th Line, brought the other little girl we have here with me in case it is her friend in hopes she would come to her as she is scared of people.  The couple was very nice, looking for her too, walking the trail and driving around Smith Road (they also were parked on 10th Line so I got a ride back around to my car – thanks for that!).  I drove back slowly searching and went back, parked on 10th Line and walked the bike trail again with our little girl to leave some food still looking for the dog but it was so dark we turned around half way through.  Drove back and forth to see if I could spot it on the road but no luck.  So, had to put Finnigan’s groom aside to look for this little doggy that I haven’t once seen yet!  Supposedly it is black and white, earlier this week was seen on Navan Road with a yellow looking bandetta but today they weren’t sure if it still had a bandetta or not.  It is really scared of people so runs away when you try to come near so please call us if you see her/him and we will come with her little friend in hopes they find each other again!  Thank you guys for your call tonight, too bad we weren’t able to find her but if you spot the dog again, please let us know.  Will try to send a few volunteers tomorrow in hopes we can get her to NARC safely before either something eats her or she is smushed on the road by a car!  Keep up the good work NAVAN and passerbys – you guys are great with your stopping in and calling to inform us of this little stray doggy!

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