Picking up at vet’s

I went to pick up my gang at the vet’s but they wanted to keep Wilma another day on IV, she had her eye removed with her spay, it was quite a major surgery so we left her there for overnight stay and monitoring.  They hadn’t had time to get Monty’s surgery done so he is staying and going to be done tomorrow morning.  I took Baby home, she seems to be doing fine, a bit groggy but happy to see me.  Bunny was really groggy, walking slowly, she didn’t seem so sure to be coming to the front to see me until she came closer, then her tail was wagging and she looked happy to be going home.  Skippy was fine, seemed tired but overall had the “let’s go already” look.  I also brough Charlie and Poupoune in for the check-ups.  Charlie got his DACPP booster and Rabies and Poupoune got her Rabies.  They both could use a dental cleaning so although they are up for adoption, we will try to raise funds for that hopefully before they go!

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