Dropping off at the vet’s

Well, this week we have Wilma the soon to be one eyed dog to get spayed, remove her busted eye, check-up and Rabies.  We have Monty who is going in for his Luxating Patella surgery.  Baby going in for her spay, hernia removal and 2 dew claws that have 2 nails each which we think will be best removed, check-up, Rabies & DACPP.  Bunny for her spay, dental cleaning, check-up, Rabies and DACPP.  Skippy for his neuter, check-up and Rabies.  We are also bringing Katou for her Rabies and another check-up being that she is still coughing a bit after her antibiotics and her eyes are still not better!  Nakuuti went for her last check-up and Rabies, Oliver also for his last check-up, Rabies and DACPP Booster.  Let’s see tomorrow how the surgery dogs are!

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