Great weekend again!

We are very spoiled to have such wonderful volunteers, cleaning, feeding, walking, loving and always there when we need them! Thank you guys, you are my NARC family and even though all the doggies we have rescued can’t tell you how much they appreciate you, you can see it in the way they give you kisses and love. Lately, we painted another room and today the floor in the grooming area, prepping it for tiling. Wow, does this ever freshen up the place, even if a few of our babies had to put their paw print in the freshly painted floor lol. We have reorganize crates in the puppy room, making it easier to clean and move them around to wash floors underneath. Now, all we need is the material to create inside runs and rid ourselves of crates, giving our pooches nice 4×5 and 4×6 pens. Can’t wait to see it all materialize, have been wishing this since they made us into a “crate” environment instead of what we used to be – pact environment! Think I found the material needed for a very good price of 1,000.00, will go see it this week in hopes that it is strong enough (10 gage +) and if so, we will buy it and start our next step of renovations! Things are surely always looking up and what is needed always seems to be falling in our lap – lucky NARC lol.

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