Agatha’s missing!

One of our dogs chewed off the corner of the skirt on the modular home so they all were able to get under the mobile home and out from the front trap door.  Luckily for us, Michael and Honorata stayed around, loose at the front and actually came jumping up on me the moment they saw me but Agatha is missing.  Wierd as Demetria and Philomena never even attempted to leave the fenced back yard and came back in through the trap door…  We were surprised Agatha actually followed Michael and Honorata as she usually stayes close to Demetria.  We’ve been looking for her everywhere, she is a very shy dog and we are quite worried she is hiding somewhere.  We already went to the OHS to see if she was there or picked up – nothing yet.  Please, if you see a little puggle outside somewhere, give us a call and we will come and get her..  She will come to the volunteers she does know so it may be best to call us and not try to get her yourselves, we are worried she will run away further!

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