Agatha Spotted in the back yard!

Yes, Joanne had spotted Agatha in the back yard, coming from Canary Street into the horses field…  Dave and I got so excited, I ran on one side of the house in the foot deep snow to see if I could get her to come and Dave ran from the other side of the house.  All we did was spook the crap out of her, she was coming home but then ran deeper into the forest when she saw us coming at her!  Got Kim and Sharon to bring me snow shoes, impossible to walk in that much snow and was waiting for the day to calm down, no clients, all dogs inside quiet and I went alone for a few hours in search of our beautiful Agatha.  Binoculars in hand, still wasn’t able to locate her anywhere so I finally gave up when it got dark in hopes to start my search again today.  BUT, this morning, a barking dog woke me up, jumping at the door and making quite a lot of noise – I AM HOME, I AM HOME, OPEN THE DOOR, I AM HOME!  It woke me up with a start, knowing there are no dogs outside but hearing a bark from the outside so I ran out to see if it was our girl and so be it…  She was at the NARC door, running from there to the window and barking at her friends inside to OPEN THE DOOR – I AM HOME!  I called her name when I got closer, she didn’t even hear me come being that she was barking up a storm!  She turned around and ran to me jumping up to say hello, she was so excited, I just opened the NARC door and she ran in, ran into the other room where all her buddies are, ran around the room – you should have seen how excited she was.  I gave her a bowl of food and water and settled her into her crate.  She didn’t eat right away, guess the excitement of finding her way home surpassed her being hungry.  Although I got my regular licks on the hand as a Thank You – Agatha, I am so happy you are back!

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