2 more arriving tonight!

Pound called again, two other puppies need our help so I will be going to pick them up tongiht and bring them home to NARC. Volunteers will take care of the doggies while I am on the road, it surely will be nicer driving tonight compared to when I picked up Nicky – the german sheppard – it was snowing a lot and the visibility on the highway was really bad! Nicky, has lost her owner and ended up at he pound – at first on hold in case her human might make it but unfortunately that wasn’t the case so she ended up with NARC. You can tell she was loved, she looks great, loves attention and wants to be with people. I’ll keep you posted on the new arrivals soon!

Everyone else at NARC is doing well, the poopers – oops mean puppies are very cute and sweet, they love being loved and handled – that’s for sure! I am sure they will find homes quickly as they are too adorable.

We’ve already gotten e-mails from the 3 puppies from Sephora that left last weekend and our clients are really happy with their little ones, say they are really good dogs and learning quickly! Of course, we got an e-mail from Lilac’s new family and they too are very happy with him and say he loves to cuddle! I’ll post their e-mails to the dog’s profiles shortly so you can read the comments made!

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