2 became 4

Was meeting with the pound last night to pick up 2 puppies, needless to say I ended leaving with the 2 puppies and another 2 medium sized female dogs. They were all really good in the car ride home, both adults were really good on their walk to show them the property and other doggies although insecure – they are really nice and friendly! They were even good with the cat, who came to say his hello of course and I only had to say “NO” and the dogs remained by my side which is amazing considering most new dogs would have ripped my arm off to chase the cat lol. So that being said, they are really sweet. The bigger black dog which we named Kalua is very shy, she wouldn’t come to the other volunteers, even if they reached out to let her sniff their hands, she is going to come around – poor thing! She is young, probably 1 year old, wonder what she has been through already to be so shy. Brandy the other black beauty that arrived is a bit shy but comes for cuddles and wants to be by our side. Both walk really well on the leash, stay by your side, good with the cat – all this in one evening – can’t wait to get to know them more!

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