What a weekend

Samantha is recovering well from her spay, she is healing at NARC now getting ready to move into her forever home on Thursday – lucky girl!  We picked up an Australian Shepherd and her 8 puppies and spend the morning at the vet’s on saturday giving them all an ivermectin shot as they came in with scabies/mange and of course their DA2PP and Rabies for mom.  Poor babies were itching to blood but we’ve worked hard to get them feeling comfortable.  On top of medications, bathing them with medicated shampoo is also helping their skin heal.  They are better now and I can now sleep well knowing they are no longer itchy and healing.  Next appointment is on thursday with all of them for their second ivermectin shot!  I understand we pick up death row dogs but they could have been given an ivermectin shot –  Revolution or Multi-advantage to ease their pain!!  They will never suffer again now that they have reached NARC!  Well, mom will suffer from her spay but you know what I mean!

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