Walkathon yesterday!

What a great day, although it was a bit chilly, we had such a nice time together.  We had some baked goods, specialty tea, nice chatting with everyone, clients had their doggies nails clipped, shopped around at kiosks, we then did our field and bush walk and came back to draw prizes and do givaways!  We raised $1,698.00 for NARC – great job everyone and thank you again so much for this year’s support.  Last year we “raised the roof” and got the trusses and metal roof installed with the walkathon money…  This year we are finishing the “raise the roof”, installing soffits, insulating the roof and under the trailer, purchasing the wood stove pipe so we can save hydro costs this winter and heat with wood.  Last year’s hydro bills were just not right so definitely getting wood this year to save costs.  Thank you again so much for helping with our projects to keep our doggies happy and safe!  I know if they could speak – well, you still probably wouldn’t be able to understand as they would be jumping and yelling with joy!  Talking a millions words a minute – yep, may be best with the kisses they give Hee! Hee! Hee!

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