Vet’s today

I dropped off Bailey and Bruno at the vet’s last night, both are getting their neuters this morning, Rabies, DA2PP and check-ups.  Yep, Bruno is now ready to head out in the big bad world, what a changed little man, loving everyone he meets, playfull, bouncy and just overall a regular boxer now!  He will surely find a home very soon but we will be picky with the family we select so that he doesn’t revert back to being scared of strangers and trying to protect his family!  God, you should see my upper leg today, Bailey was sooooo excited about going for a walk and car ride that he jumped me, abused my leg and now I have a scratch as long as my hand on my upper leg, hurts like hell today.  Big lug – gotta stop getting so excited you big goof! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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