Vet’s today!

We have Daniel that has undergone his neuter, rabies and DA2PP this morning.  When I went in at lunch today with Piper, Libby was on the table getting her spay and was sleeping like a log.  Gabriel was patiently waiting for his neuter, Rabies and DA2PP, they are probably working on him now.  At 6:30pm I am bringing the new 4 puppies for their DA2PP and their mother for a poop sample and check-up then coming home with the lot!  The new puppies got a very well deserved bath last night after they arrived, they were quite filthy, so is their mother but she may have to wait a day or so, until we know what is wrong with her.  Don’t want to stress her too much right now, assumed she had parvo at first but seems to be like our Ladybug, metrodonizale helped and she is no longer pooping blood and we are now in the eliminating process, testing to see what is up with her!  We will place her on stomach food, we’ve seen this once before with Ladybug who ended up with a very upset stomach.  New mom is drinking well and eating lots of hot dogs for the time being, until we figure out with our vet what she has – if we can that is, we’ve never really been able to figure out what Ladybug had when she came in, even with all the blood work, poop samples, parvo & giardia tests, etc…  May be another mystery case here!!

We always need donations for veterinary costs so if you can help, now is the time as we have quite a few surgeries up ahead, including our wonderful Rex going for his patella sugery very soon!  You can always contact Blackburn Animal Hospital with your credit card or visit them with a cheque to place money on our account, payable to them if you are going to the vet’s.  Or send us a cheque, payable to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9 or donate through paypal.  Thank you everyone who have supported us with Rex’s x-rays and future operation, your donation has and will help in reducing the amount owed.

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