Vet’s this week!

Wolf, our beautiful Black German Sheppard will stay at the vet’s overnight for his neuter in the morning then move to his foster home until he is placed.  Lexi our pretty little 4-5 month old female Black German Sheppard x Lab is going for her first shots then to her foster family tonight with a great possibility of adoption.

Funny! – Wolf looks exactly like Midnight we had this summer and Lexi looks like Muller our boy from a few months ago…  boy=girl and girl=boy Ha! Ha! Ha!

We were able to take them off death row thanks to wonderful people who have agreed to foster (hopefully to adopt) from NARC!  Thank you so much for helping us get these beautiful creatures in a wonderful home and saving their lives!!!

Being foster based, we are always looking for people on stand-by and able to take in a dog on a moment’s notice.  If you wish to foster for us, please e-mail and let us know.  Help us save lives and give our wonderful rescues and opportunity to meet amazing people, enjoy and explore a new home.  We unfortunately don’t have much information from our pounds except size!!  All we can say is we get many Labrador’s, Lab x German Sheppard from certain areas and small breeds from others…  It is CRUCIAL that we have people lined up and ready to accept these dogs, we don’t have much time when we get a call and if we can’t pull them right away once we are contacted – then their faith is sealed 🙁  Thank you so much for your support – NARC is founded by people such as yourselves and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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