Vet’s this week

On Thursday, I dropped off Roxy and Myra for their spay and brought our new little puppy named Lola for her shots.  Lola did a very good job at the vet’s that evening and had her first DA2PP and Rabies shots.  She is approx 3 months old, german mixed, very cute and will certainly be gone this weekend if someone is looking for a puppy!

Last night, I picked up the girls at the vet’s and Roxy was quite groggy and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well.  The car ride home was hard on her and made her sick to her tummy, poor little girl.  But, she is fine this morning and will be recovering with us till next weekend.  Please do not ask to see her this weekend, we do not let the dogs out when clients visit when they have just been spayed/neutered.  Give her time to recover!  Thank you.

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