Vet’s this week!

Brought Gina and Orbid at the vet’s on Wednesday night, they had their spay and neuter on Thursday morning with 2nd DA2PP.  Said to be approx 6-9 months of age being that their adult canines are almost all out!!  Guess that means what you see is what you get, doubt they will get much bigger than they are now.  Weighed in this week at the same weight from 2 weeks ago!

Tonight, I brought Missy, Tammy and Ti-Poux for their rabies, DA2PP and vet check ups.  Ti-Poux definitely needs major dental cleaning and extractions, one side worst than the other so he is booked next week for that.  Tammy also needs cherry eye surgery, on one eye and while we’re at it, we will have a dental cleaning done.  It wasn’t that extreme but why not, she’ll already be under!  She is also booked on Tuesday next week to have that fixed and her dental cleaning with possible extractions.  Vet said Missy is approx 4 years old, Tammy same and Ti-Poux approx 8 years old!

After the vet’s, I spoiled everyone with a nice chunky and meaty dinner…  Added a little canned food to their meals, they surely gobbled it down pretty quicky Ha! Ha! Ha!

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