Vet’s on Saturday

Went to the vet’s on Saturday for Dakota’s dew claw and spay surgery follow up, she no longer has to have her bandages but we have cream to put on her surgeries twice daily. Also brought Myka, Bella, Karlie and Superman for their annual check-up and shots. They now all have their Rabies, DA2PP and have been given thumbs up by our vet. They said Bella was really sweet, she never moved during her check-up or shots, was quite sweet and didn’t complain one bit. Myka was a bit stressed but did a very good job and didn’t mind her shots at all. The vet shaved her front leg to check a hot spot she had, seems fine and will heal with some cream. Muka is funny, loves our dog runs and won’t complain a bit but if you tie her out anywhere else, she complains or if you crate her during the day when you are out and she wants to be out with you, she may complain again – very sweet girl though who just loves attention and cuddles.

We’ve added quite a few fly traps, if you have some for us don’t feel shy in bringing them – they love to bite (throw acid actually) our dogs ears and it is quite a pain in the rear for them having flies all over their ears and is bugging them. We’ve captured thousands already – I’m sure – but always have more coming, it is a farm!! At one point Cyan’s both ears were bleeding from the bites so we had to keep him in for a few days on short walks only for both of his ears to heal with polysporin. Now it’s Biggie’s one ear that we are curing! Hate the fly season, they are worst than the moskitos!!! Any tricks or ideas to help our doggies – please say so!!!

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