Vet’s last night

We brought the 3 new boxer mixed puppies to the vet’s for their first DA2PP shot, they turned 6 weeks on Tuesday so will be ready for adoption on Aug 9th.  Roxy had to go back to the vet’s, one stitch didn’t disolve and would have gotten infected so we had to go back.  They removed the stitch, put glue to close the little hole and off she went with antibiotics for the week to help with the healing.  She is such a baby and was crying the whole time like a child lol.  The puppies did a great job, pretty much slept through the whole thing, got their needles without a peep and came home.  They too will be on antibiotics for a week, with this crazy hot and mostly cold summer, we haven’t been closing the window on colder nights so Pink has a bit of the sniffles.  Nothing to worry about but he probably would spread it to his siblings so all three will be on antibiotics to help their little system!  Now to remember to close that window every evening – pretty cold in the country at night you know!

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