Vet update, dog check-ups

Diego did very well with his Rabies and DA2PP shots tonight, his check-up gave him a clean bill of health so we are sure he will be leaving us on Saturday for Kingston.  A lady came to see him this week and fell in love, so did I, he reminds me so much of my Quiero (my chihuahua that was lost in my house fire!).  We also brough Maya to have her eyes re-checked, she is doing well and her eye infection is gone.

Now to tell you about Zhen…  When I dropped her off yesterday, chatting with the girls I completely forgot to mention her eye.  Tonight, when I picked her up I saw the lump was still there so I got both vets to come and check it out in the vet room.  We were all wondering what it was, when you raise her lid – underneath it looked like zits so we poked it with a needle to get a sample and there it went, draining like a zit so we’ve drainked it all out and she is on eye cream and antibiotics to help her eye and a help a start of Kennel Cough.  I have to say that this dog is the best dog ever, 4 of us playing with her face and me patting her to keep her calm, this was all done while she was awake and must have hurt but she did such an amazing job.  Not once did she try to snap or bite which any other dog certainly would have.  She is an amazing little girl and whoever adopts her will be the luckiest family out there.  It is very rare that girls like that come to us, I’ve only seen Inka take on stitches while awake and be good about it…  Some of you may say, yes but it’s only a needle and we get needles every so often and yes we get used to it – but in the lid of YOUR EYE!?  I don’t think anyone would be as brave as our little Zhen was today.

Yasmin did get a dental cleaning and spay, she is doing fine, so is Ebony and Sabina!  All are recovering at home now, resting for the night and crated with short walks for the next 5 days – then all ready for their forever loving homes.  We are sure this group will be gone quite fast, they are all way too nice, docile and may I add GORGEOUS!

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