Updates at the farm!

Don’t forget to fill your pledge forms, bring them to work and have your walked pledged for this upcoming saturday’s Spooky Woods Doggy Walkathon.  We have a few zombies walking the woods who can’t wait to meet all of you WHOA HA HA HA HA!  PledgeForm2014

Lowes is almost finished their project, they are such an amazing group and a few said they would come back on Wednesday to finish off.  I can’t wait for you to see all the pictures of everthing that was going on this weekend.

I just found and of course bought a heavy duty pantry and 2 heavy duty book shelves.  Was thinking of doing wall to wall cabinets in the grooming area, well with these it will be accomplished.  They are being delivered this afternoon so will paint that wall we haven’t had time to get done over the weekend and install the new cabinetry!

So many things on the go this month, it’s AMAZING!  Thanks again to LOWES employees, our wonderful NARC volunteers whom have worked really hard the last few days prepping for painting, then re-installing everything back to it’s place!

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